Lucky Tiger Barbershop Classics

After shaves, hair tonic, shave creams, hair wax and talc powder encompass the Lucky Tiger Barbershop Classic men’s grooming line. Take a look at our original Lucky Tiger Barbershop products for look and feel of a “classic man”.

3 Purpose Hair Tonic

Stimulate your scalp, condition and groom your hair with Lucky Tiger 3 Purpose Hair Tonic.

Aspen After Shave

Lucky Tiger Aspen After Shave leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized after every shave, with its spicy and fresh scent.

Bay Rum After Shave

Bay Rum After Shave tightens pores while stimulating your skin and leaves you smelling fresh and clean.

Mollé Brushless Shave Cream

A classic for the true connoisseur of shave creams, Lucky Tiger Mollé Brushless Shave Cream contains mineral oils and lanolin that condition the skin.

Disappearing Cream

A soothing and refreshing after shave cream, the Disappearing Cream releases a subtle menthol scent as it moisturizes and helps your skin to recover after shaving.

Vanishing Cream

Provide moisture and delivers comfort and cools the skin after each shave with Lucky Tiger Vanishing Cream.

Cru-Butch & Control Wax

Lucky Tiger Cru-Butch & Control Wax delivers strong hold to crew and buzz cuts as well as other short and dramatic hairstyles.

King Talc

Lightly scented, natural talc powder soothes and comforts sensitive skin after shaving.